Can Your CRM Do This?

RIDA is a revolutionary all in one system that can help you track and run every aspect of your sales company business.

What Makes Us Different?

Think about having one tool that can help you with everything from marketing to lead generation to inventory tracking to customer acquisition and more; all from one intuitive clean simple easy-to-use system. That is RIDA – apps!

Customer Relations Management

Strategically manage and nurture relationships with your customers to enhance their satisfaction, loyalty, and overall your businesses success.

Dealer / Representative Support

Provide assistance and resources to dealers to optimize their performance and promote effective collaboration within your business ecosystem.

Inventory Tracking & Management

Systematically monitor and control your company’s stock of goods, ensuring efficient operations, minimizing costs, and optimizing supply chain processes.

Demo & Sales Payroll

Manage the compensation and financial transactions related to both product demonstrations and sales made within your business.

Lead Generation & Conversions

Encompass the systematic process of attracting potential customers and transform them into actual customers through effective marketing strategies and sales efforts.

Program & Gift Tracking

Systematically monitor and manage customer programs as well as gifts earned, ensuring accurate records and streamlined processes for effective implementation and reporting.

“RIDA helps me track my customers and their programs, and our inventory. I can easily create lead capture and marketing pages and keep watch on all of my stats with ease!”

Brockton Ballard

CEO, Utah Mountain Air

Our Services

RIDA is the only tool you will ever need to run your office!


Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

AI Driven Scheduling System

Lead Generation Tools

Stock Management / Tracking

Simple Events Calendar

Reports & Metrics Builder

Dealer Payroll System

Communication Tools

Automated Workflows (Soon)

Beta Access (By Inquiry Only)

A one-time onboarding 2 fee of $1,000 USD is required upfront.

  1. RIDA does not limit you with the number of users, inventory, classifiers, and other parts of the system. Features such as calling, texting, and email will have limits based on credits. More credits will be available for purchase at any time.
  2. Onboarding includes all necessary setup and 10 hours of mandatory training.

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